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FREE Wellness Series

Location: Our Yoga Place @ Coconut Point Mail (next to Best Buy)

8002 Mediterranean Drive

Estero, Florida 33928

Saturday, March 14

3.14.20 Ringham autoimmune.png

Autoimmune conditions:

Not in your head….is there a connection to your Gut?



Teri Ringham has resolved her own autoimmune conditions (Lupus & Fibromyalgia) where treatments by highly respected doctors & medical treatments failed. Her approach also resolved her daughters severe hormone issues (once on 12 meds-now on zero) and has helped a multitude of her followers. She will discuss how focus in a few key areas can simplify our daily protocols to soothe and heal a body in distress—letting it do what it was designed to do naturally….heal.

Teri Ringham is a respected author and speaker for gut & hormone wellness. Her book focus—and her entire approach to wellness-- is to avoid overwhelm when seeking better health by simplifying our complicated or damaging health protocols. Less medications and supplements--while focusing on very common root causes that apply to almost all of us—can soothe a distressed body to bring amazing health and vitality.

Saturday, March 28

3.28.20 Tony Mandour Reflexology.png

East meets West

A New Approach to Understanding


Whether you are new to reflexology or very well acquainted, you'll learn something new in this interactive workshop lead by Dr. Tony Mandour. Dr Mandour is a board certified physician (MD) as well as a certified reflexologist (CR) with a new way to look at reflexology like you've never seen before.

Dr Mandour is a graduate of Fordham University, Loyola University and Stritch School of Medicine Chicago and the University of Rochester School of Medicine Residency Program. He is certified by the Reflexology Certification Board.

The event is FREE sponsored by Firefly Within Foundation and Our Yoga Place.


We highly recommend that you reserve your spot since seating is limited.

All donations will gladly be accepted by the Firefly within Foundation so we can expand our programs to the community and continue to provide free services for everyone.

Please consider making a 1 time or monthly donation.  Thank you!

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