Workshops and Events

Connect to the Healer Within  

The 3rd Friday of each month we offer a 2 hour workshop to gather with other like-minded individuals to share our energy and practice Reiki.  When we gather together the strength and healing power of Reiki multiplies exponentially.  Whether you are an experienced Reiki practitioner or have never experienced this ancient art of healing, you will enjoy this interactive evening of relaxation and fun. Donations gladly accepted.

Journey within Meditation

Every Monday evening join us as we guide you into a state of bliss and relaxation. Crystal bowls and soft meditation music are the backdrop to this journey of body and mind as you are guided to release tension and stress. After the body is settled gentle Reiki energy is offered to seal in the peaceful energy. At the conclusion you receive a personal message just for you as you to continue on your own personal journey.  100% of donations go directly to local charities. 

Reiki for Pets

We love animals of all kinds and value the pure love they bring to the world and to your family.  Like every living thing, they too can benefit from the healing energy of Reiki. We offer this universal energy to them the 1st Saturday of each month.  Bring your cat, dog, rabbit, hamster, guinea pig, or whatever family pet you have to the Kunjani Cafe in Naples to receive Reiki.  We work with the animal for as long as they allow us but generally up to 10 minutes at a time.  They are very knowledgeable beings and know when they have received enough.  In the mean time you can grab yourself a little treat inside the cafe! Donations gladly accepted.

Temporarily on HOLD

A-Z of Essential Oils

There is a lot of excitement about essential oils and the potential health benefits they posses.  But what exactly are essential oils?  How are they different from "regular" oils? How do you use them?  What types of health benefits can be gained from using them? We will answer all of these questions and more plus have hundreds of samples on hand for you to smell and enjoy.  Private or group sessions are available. Call for details.

FREE Wellness Series

Firefly Within Foundation is offering the community of SW Florida a series of presentations based on holistic health and well being. Each Friday of the month a wellness practitioner from the community will present a bit of knowledge on how you can stay healthy by using natural methods.  The presentations are interactive, fun and informative. It's a great chance to meet the practitioners face to face and get real time information on questions specific to your circumstances.

Beginning March 2020!
The Future of Healing is Here: Quantum Biofeedback

You may have heard the word "biofeedback" before and maybe even had a biofeedback session.  But do you really know what it is?  There are many facts and myths about this not-so-new way of healing. We will explain what it is and how it can help you on your path to wellness. 


Energy Field Restructuring

We are energetic beings. We each have an energy field that surrounds us. Everything that we encounter in life, all personal interactions, listening to radio or watching TV, the information first is received by our Energy Field. Although we are not in control what other people project to us, WE HAVE CONTROL OVER HOW WE REACT AND WHAT WE DO WITH IT.  All this work is done inside our energy field and it is our choice how we handle it. Learn how to keep your energy field clean of foreign entities will enable you to live YOUR life in balance and harmony.


The 12 Layers of DNA

You have heard of DNA and that it is the building blocks of who you are. But you've also heard that 4% of DNA is protein that make up your body and the rest is "junk".

You are not junk! You are much more than you have been told.
Find out what's in the other 96% and what that means to you.
You are much more than meets the microscopic eye.....

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