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We are phasing out the First Generation of Firefly Waters to make room for the New Second Generation.

But don't worry!  We have a limited supply of the First Generation water still available.

Simply tell us which one(s) you want and we will get it to you.


Once we are completely out of stock on a certain variety, we will mark it "Out of Stock" and then it will no longer be produced. 

So get yours now or transition over to the new generation of Cymatic Imagery and start hydrating today!

First Generation of Waters

Body Specific (click the Show More link to see the full line)

Healthy Breasts
Women love this to help with breast cancer recovery or prevention, lactation, soreness, and recovery from surgical implants.
Healthy Digestion
Stress will take a heavy toll on the digestive system. Help ease the systems of bloating, constipation, cramps, Crohn’s disease, diarrhea, gas, gastritis, heartburn, indigestion, intestinal issues, and irritable bowel syndrome.
Healthy Ears
Are you tired of saying ‘what’? Increase the ears function and health by assisting earaches, ear infection, hearing loss, and tinnitus.
Healthy Endocrine System
Provide an overall support for your system. Adrenal glands, pituitary gland, thyroid gland, parathyroid glands, thymus gland, pineal gland, pancreas, ovaries, and testes all make up this system that regulate growth, metabolism, enzyme activity, and reproduction.
Healthy Eyes
Improve eye sight and function such as cataracts, itchy eyes, conjunctivitis, and vision.
Healthy Gall Bladder
Keep the gall bladder healthy and help to prevent or eliminate gall stones, infection, inflammation, and pain.
Healthy Heart
Our heart works hard for us, help it maintain its best and prevent or support the healing of angina, arrhythmia, circulation, coronary artery, high blood pressure, palpitations, tachycardia, and phlebitis.
Healthy Joints
Give your joint pain and stiffness some relief. Whether you experience rheumatism, arthritis or any other joint issues return your freedom of movement with healthy joints.
Healthy Liver
Toxins are removed and purified through the liver. Help support it and heal from cirrhosis, cleansing of toxins, improve function, hepatitis, and jaundice.
Healthy Lungs
Breath is life! Take in all the life force energy you can improve breathing, hyperpnea, oxygen utilization, shortness of breath, and recovery or smoking cessation.
Healthy Lymphatic System
Your lymphatic system is a vital part of your immune system working hard to rid the body of toxins. Give it the boost it needs to keep your body running clean.
Healthy Metabolism
A healthy metabolism will convert food and fuel to energy and to our basic building blocks for proteins, lipids and some carbohydrates. Get your energy naturally through a healthy metabolism.
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Mind Specific

Balanced Brain Function
Think clearly by balancing the right and left hemispheres. Help your creative and logic sides work together to create harmony in your actions and decisions.
Emotional Relief
Rid yourself of troubling and heavy emotions from worry and past trauma.
Focused Attention
For anyone who has a hard time staying focused or has been struggles with attention deficit disorders this one is for you. Help yourself to pay better attention and to stay focused on task.
Healthy Habits
Kick your addiction and instill healthy habits.
Just Happiness
Release that anger and just be happy! Named by my 14 year old daughter when asked what is the opposite of anger...Just Happiness! There is no room for anything else so drink, smile, and be happy now. Heck, even the fractal looks like it's smiling!
Relaxed Mind
Ease your mind and calm your senses. Stop the monkey mind and put an end to the endless chatter.
Stimulate Creativity
Give your creativity a kick and start enjoying your job, hobbies, and life.
Stimulate Learning
Great for students young and old, for that business training you have to attend, to help in learning a new language or whatever you want to learn.
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Spirit Specific

Balance Body, Mind & Spirit
Connect your four subtle bodies into one unified whole for overall balance and well being.
Spiritual Connection
Connect to your higher self and listen to wisdom that will have you feeling supported and loved always.
Stimulate Lucid Dreaming
Take control of your dreams and have fun with them!
Stimulate Third Eye
Boost your intuition which is that wise voice inside that has all of the right answers.
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How to Donate and Order

For each $15 donated for these First Generation bottles you receive 1 bottle of your choice. For $30 receive 2 bottles, $45 receive 3 bottles, and so on...

Just tell us which ones you want at check out and how to contact you so we can deliver them!

What is that funny looking image on the bottle? The beautiful round image you see on the front of the glass bottle is a fractal. Each one is based on decades of research by quantum physicists and carries a specific vibration that transforms the water into a healing elixir for the body, mind, and spirit.


Sip and enjoy the charged water.

Refill the bottle with your own purified water and allow it to rest for 6+ hours.

The  energy of the image and words will recharge the water.

Drink and repeat several times daily until health it restored.*

Do NOT recycle this bottle!

Use it over, and over, and over and then gift it to someone you care about.

Bonus!   We also added a positive affirmation on the back of the bottle to provide an extra dose of healing energy!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

"There has been a constant pain in my shoulder for months. Pain medications didn't work. Since I've been using Physical Relief my pain as been gone!"


"It feels like it is alive in my mouth! It tastes so good and different from regular water. I love that I can refill it over and over!"

"I've had stomach issues every day for the past 7 years. I've been using the Healthy Digestion for a week and have not experienced any stomach issues at all!"

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Healthy Lungs

Breath is life! Take in all the life force energy you can improve breathing, hyperpnea, oxygen utilization, shortness of breath, and recovery or smoking cessation.