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Firefly Within Foundation is an educational non-profit organization and giving back to the community is what we do! Profits from the Firefly Water go directly back to other local non-profits and to the community.

Plus, in 2017 we donated over 220 hours in community projects, services, and individual care!

By donating to the Firefly Within Foundation you are helping yourself AND the community!

We are so very grateful.

Drink to your health and help support your community at the same time! can use a single bottle over, and over, and over. See the Directions below to find out how.

How to Donate and Order

For each $18 donated you receive 1 bottle of your choice. For $36 receive 2 bottles, $54 receive 3 bottles, and so on...

Just tell us which ones you want at check out and how to contact you so we can deliver them!


Pick some up at the Kunjani Craft Coffee & Gallery in Naples and $6 from each donation goes directly to the Kunjani Water Carrier Project!

780 Seagate Drive across from the Waterside Shops


Sip and enjoy the charged water.

Refill the bottle with your own purified water.

Allow it to rest for 6+ hours.

The  energy of the image and words will recharge the water.

Drink and repeat several times daily until health it restored.*

Do NOT recycle this bottle!

Use it over, and over, and over and then gift it to someone you care about.

Bonus!   We also added a positive affirmation on the side of each bottle to provide an extra dose of healing energy!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

"It feels like it is alive in my mouth! It tastes so good and different from regular water. I love that I can refill it over and over!"

"I've had stomach issues every day for the past 7 years. I've been using the Healthy Digestion for a week and have not experienced any stomach issues at all!"

"There has been a constant pain in my shoulder for months. Pain medications didn't work. Since I've been using Physical Relief my pain as been gone!"


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