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Firefly Within Foundation

P.O. Box 541

Bonita Springs, FL 34133

Tel 239-980-3257

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Location, location, location...

So where are we located?  Obviously we don't operate out of a P.O. Box, so where can you find us. Currently we share our knowledge from several location in Estero, Bonita Springs, and Naples.

Follow our sister company, Firefly Within LLC on Facebook or sign up for their monthly newsletter to see where all of our events are happening!

We have a bigger vision and dream to bring this free knowledge to as many people as possible.  To start, we have been invited into the school system to bring crystal bowls and mindfulness to the students and staff!


For that we have a few things on our Wish List including a small van, travel yoga mats, and yoga blankets.  If you have any of these items to donate we would greatly appreciate it!  If you don't have any of these items but would like to help out with a cash donation we also would be truly grateful.  

If you would like to help the kids and the community you can donate today. It will come back to you ten-fold. That's just how the universe works. And you will receive our unlimited gratitude and appreciation.  


No gift is too small or too big. Thank you!

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